Releases new album ‘I Have A Doctor On Board’

Out 8 June 2018 on Itza Music

Watch ‘Here Comes The Lover’ –

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“The phenomenal Georgia-born Ms Brik has a ravishing vocal and tireless imagination” – Daily Mirror

“Calls To Mind the delicate sounds of Beth Gibbons on Out of Season, taking the listener through intimate moments of melancholy to soaring heights” – Folk Radio UK

”Skirting the lines between folk-tinged pop that calls to mind The Sundays and the vocal dexterity of early Kate Bush” – God Is In The TV

On 8 June 2018 Addie Brik is to release her new album, ‘I Have A Doctor On Board’ on her own Itza label. Featuring both ‘Here Comes The Lover’, which was described as “beguiling” by God Is In The TV when voted their Track of The Day and ‘Belly’, Folk Radio UK’s “breathtaking” Song of The Day, the 10 track album was recorded in Glasgow and written in a small room overlooking the Firth of Clyde, Scotland. Based around a series of interviews Addie had with an inventor and a lifeboat captain in Scotland, the record puts technology in a sailboat with songs about freedom, curiosity and community.

“I kept A Dictionary of Sailing with me all the time and noticed how the daily news was described so colourfully and neatly by random searches in my little red book”, says Addie of the songwriting, “I would sketch out the beginnings, skeletal melodies and words of a song and it went from there.  Much of my time was spent talking to a life boat captain in Scotland and pondering where technology is taking us as seen through the prism of floating stiffs, attempted suicides, gale-force winds, lost swimmers and adventure in a kind of rescue mission. Technology: heading to uselessness and extinction and / or to new heights of wisdom and evolution.

The songs aren’t predictive but do observe recurring history and I suppose there’s a sense of longing, hope and fear in them.”

Hailing from Savannah Georgia, Addie Brik relocated to the UK in 1998. She started writing poetry in her teens, which led her to the prestigious Naropa Institute where she was mentored by Allen Ginsberg and famed CBS journalist, John Steinbeck Jr. Bitten by the performance bug, she joined a young artist’s troupe on Francis Ford Coppola’s lot at Zoetrope with such luminaries as Ed Harris and produced and acted in a production of Sam Shepard’s ‘Cowboy Blues’ there.

Her interests and influences (Henry Purcell, Bach, Mozart, Joni Mitchell, Serge Gainsbourg, Washington Phillips, Muzsikás and Marta Sebestyén, Shirley Collins, Southern Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joanna Newsom, Emmy Lou Harris, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Plato …), embrace the arts, however, it’s through words and music that Addie has found her strongest form of expression.

Peter Gabriel discovered her demo tape, which led to a deal with Geffen Records with Andy Gill (Gang of Four) producing. Her collaborations and co-writes include work with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Simple Minds, Plaid, Tarwater, Wendy and Lisa, Sugarhill Gang, Luke Vibert, BJ Cole, members of Funkadelic, Fishbone, Maxim Rysanov, Andrei Samsonov, HB Barnum (Aretha Franklin’s legendary writer and arranger), Kate St. John and John Philip Shenale.

Currently residing in Scotland, the breathtaking landscape there played a major role in shaping the record, ”Scotland’s beautiful coastline and dark skies imbued every song on the album. It was written at home in Troon, I’d break up writing days by walking the dog on the beach with Ailsa Craig and Arran off in the distance.”

‘I Have a Doctor On Board’ was recorded at Chem 19 in Glasgow where it was multi-tracked with Paul Savage engineering, and where Louis Abbott of Admiral Fallow, especially, helped form the rhythm section and additional musicians for the sessions.

‘Belly” (edit) video: