BANDANTE return in 2020 with an exhilarating new single: ‘So This Is Now’.

Driven by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds guitarist: George Vjestica, Bandante is a collaborative project that involves guest musicians, artists and film makers. Together they create A.V. spectacles that aim to stimulate and stun in equal measure.

And latest release: ‘So This Is Now’ is a prime example. A sensory-triggering shot of music and imagery that combine with intoxicating impact. Recalling the pulsing krautrock of Can to the boundary-pushing post/punk of Wire, the adrenaline-fuelled instrumental is matched with hypnotic visuals courtesy of esteemed artist Timothy Shepard (Paul Weller / Kevin Ayers). Watch the video for ‘So This Is Now’ here.

Work on ‘So This Is Now’ began at Vale Studios with the recording of an instrumental piece written by George. Joining him were musicians, Ian Matthews (Kasabian) on drums, Nikolaj Torp (The Specials) on Hammond and Mellotron, and Tim Hutton (Dub Pistols, Prodigy) on horns. From this session came an intense 5-minute blast of killer riff-driven music, inspired by 60′s American psychedelia, Arthur Lee’s ‘Love’ and the Haight-Ashbury/Monterey scene – a soundtrack that George had always imagined being set to film.

Put on the back-burner for a period of time as George fulfilled his duties with the Bad Seeds, he rediscovered and finalised the piece during the lockdown of 2020. As George explains:

“One morning in mid-June, during lockdown, while going through some playlists on my laptop, I found a file labelled, ‘Protest/Revolt into Style/Vale Studio‘. I put it on and was blown away. It sounded and felt like what was going on outside at the time when it seemed that an unstoppable momentum was building for a summer of protest… I wanted the chorus to feel like a call to arms, to hear a cacophonous fanfare of blaring trumpets – a massive release, with a verse I wrote to be full of tension and suspense.”

‘So This Is Now’ follows on from Bandante’s critical acclaimed debut single ‘Bang Bang’ b/w ‘My Friend’, a limited edition vinyl praised as ‘a vinyl of the year at Rough Trade’ and an Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart entry.

‘So This Is Now’ is out now.