‘IF 60s WERE 90s’ BOX SET




“Listening to this album it is obvious it was made with the utmost respect…in fact somewhere or other Jimi is probably smiling” – Guitarist Magazine

“Mixing previously unheard slabs of Hendrix into an Ethereal Post Rave haze will appeal to psychedelic warlords of all ages” – Melody Maker

Emerging from the haze of 90s rock scene, Beautiful People return with a boxset centred around ground-breaking record ‘If 60s Were 90s’. Out on the 16th July, the release will feature a re-mastered version of the classic album, a triple CD selection of the best remixes, a DVD of all the bands Live TV performances and music videos, an interview with Alan Douglas, and scrapbook coffee table book put together by Ian Brown and Fall Producer Mike Bennett.

The album’s origins begin in the early 90s, when Singer/Guitarist turned Acid House promoter Du Kane (Duncan Elder) teamed up with Keyboardist Luke Baldry. Having been granted permission to sample any Jimi Hendrix song they wished, the duo created ‘If 60s Were 90s’, a dance-rock melding first released in 1993 on Castle Communications Essential. The album was received with open arms by music critics and fanatics alike, racking up a number #1 and number #3 in the US dance chart with “If 60’s Was 90’s,” and “Rilly Groovy”. However, what was looking like a promising future for the band, was soon scuppered, as American Label Continuum went bankrupt. Everything halted, and the album was frozen… until now. Re-mastered for the digital age, and including an array of bonus features, the album makes its much-awaited, triumphant return as a box set.

Eclectic and electrifying, ‘If 60s were 90s’ utilises guitar riffs and vocal cut outs from Jimi Hendrix and blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield amongst many more, cutting to the very apex of 60s psychedelic sound and melding it with the high-energy trends of 90s dance. What emerges is an album that combines the two eras in an unforgettable new age offering, bringing retro guitars into dance music while still retaining the psychedelic rock majesty of one of the greatest guitarists of the 20th Century. Now re-released for the digital age, the album retains its freshness and originality- proving that ‘If 60s Were 90s’ provides a sound that transcends the limits of time and appeals to every generation.


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