Bloom de Wilde emerges this season with a brand new single: “Garden of the Sun”. 

A song all about heart connections that reach beyond time and space, Bloom’s latest track is a cornucopia of Summertime sounds that beams with a radiant energy and enigmatic lyrical allure.

Garden of the Sun” was written a few years ago at a time when Bloom found herself separated from her closest friend who had pursued a new life on the other side of the planet. And yet, despite being half a world away, the pair could feel the connection they had forged pulsing stronger than ever.

“It felt like somehow our hearts could rise above the earth and shout hello very loudly from space.” expresses Bloom. “When we met again after years, it seemed we had never actually been apart.”

With the title of her award-winning 2020 EP ‘The Heart Shall Be Rewarded by the Universe’ borrowed from a line in this song, as with much of Bloom’s work “Garden Of The Sun” is rich, colourful and wild in its imagery. Like cosmic fables yet to be written, playfully cryptic lyrics like: “We’re just in our play world, the garden of the sun, we are the icing cake” are sure to intrigue and invite repeated visitation.

Initially penned in the dead of night as Bloom found herself sleepless and restless, the singer took to her kitchen and began to lay down a series of soft, melodic whispers to her i-maschine app. Returning to the recording the next day and overlaying twinkling piano motifs, in the coming weeks that followed Bloom slowly unlocked the song’s potential like a puzzle as new improvisations and sections began to take root. As all the pieces fell naturally into place, “Garden of the Sun” soon blossomed into being.

Taking it to the studio last year, “Garden of the Sun” was recorded by Joe Leach in one-take at The Cow Shed; with Bloom laying down vocals and Fender Rhodes live with long time band member Juba Wetzler on drums.

Influenced by Bloom’s favourite Studio One Ska tunes (Jackie Mittoo & The Skatalites’ “El Bang Bang”) as well as elements of Radiohead and Kurt Cobain; its labyrinthine sounds and exotic flavours were added by Bloom as she layered-in clavichord, SP001 synth bass, samples and programming. Inspired by the technicolour brass explorations of The Beatles, its woozy, undulating trumpet line also comes with compliments from her Sam and The Womp partner: Sam Ritchie.

Mao Yamada joins on electric and double bass with additional backing vocals from Nick Trepka and Kai Nobuko, plus Bloom’s own children Dizzy and Sesame burnish the song with its chipper “hello!” pipings.

Co-produced by Bloom de Wilde and Nick Trepka, the track was further mixed by Nick Trepka and mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid.

A song that flits between genres and worlds with adventurous spirit and cosmic mystique, “Garden Of The Sun” is just the latest entrancing release from this most evocative of talents.

“Never stop believing” muses Bloom on her latest single. “The heart shall be rewarded by the universe; because if you follow the path of the heart it is often difficult and winding and it doesn’t always make sense, but in the end this path is the most beautiful and rewarding.”


* * * *

Bloom de Wilde is a multi platinum selling artist, singer-songwriter, producer and instrument of imaginative revelations. Originally from the Netherlands and now based in London, Bloom’s eclectic heritage is reflected in her synesthetic approach to music and art.

Having reached UK Number One chart success as part of a collaboration Sam and the Womp, Bloom de Wilde successfully continues her creative journey and artistic expression as a solo artist. Earning support at home from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6, plus international chart success, Bloom has performed on major stages across the world, touring Australia with MIA. and performing at Wembley arena alongside Dizzee Rascal.

Taking musical cues from inspirations including Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Bjork, Ella Fitzgerald, Robert Wyatt, Miles Davis, Erik Satie, Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush, Nirvana, The Beatles, Toxic Chicken, Moondog, Indonesian Gamelan, drum’n’bass and more, diversity is in the very essence of Bloom’s own creations. With an unusual and distinctive vocal style and animated stage presence combined with surrealistic yet uplifting lyrics and unconventional melodies, bloom creates exuberant, colourful soundscapes that aim to take listeners to dreamy, faraway places.

Releasing her latest single “Garden of the Sun” in 2021, Bloom is currently planning a new album later this year, ‘Kaleidophone’, a suite-like collection of songs that will look to “transports us to a series of imaginary planets or dream constellations.” 



“Sweeping, majestic, odd, theatrical, and romantic. Wonderful!” - Tobi, the Listening Post @freshnet

“a beautifully unfurling masterclass in jubilance.” - The Sunday Experience

“This is simply genius” - JFlames, Fresh on the Net

‘a fantastic and uninhibited performance’  - Sound on Sound