Today, Aylesbury’s Conor Richards unveils his brand new solo project, BOY! RACER with the release of debut single ‘People Walk In Circles’. 

Taken from a debut EP due this Summer, ‘People Walk In Circles’ finds Richards taking influence from the likes of Her’s, Blood Orange and Porches – creating a hazy, genre-hopping sound focussed around heart-wrenching lyricism and his very own, unique artistic vision.

Written and recorded during the winter lockdown and produced by close friend George Harrison, the track explores people’s inability to break out of the monotony of the 9 to 5. With synth fuelled guitar licks and dramatic drum beats playing below Richards’ captivating vocals, he questions the repetition of mundanity, loss of meaning and the search for something more.

“The repetition of life in lockdown over the past year made me reflect on the rhythm of my own life, and the people around me, before all of this happened,” tells Conor. “What I came to realise is that ultimately, your life is what you make it. If what you want is to change, only one person can make that happen.”

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