Handsome Jack announce new album “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”, out 19th October.

Hailing from Lockport NY, Handsome Jack plays a powerful and emotional fusion of boogie soul rock n roll that has earned the admiration of fellow rock travelers such as Chris Robinson (CRB, Black Crowes), Zachary Gabbard (Buffalo Killers), and Ben McLeod of All Them Witches, who produced their new record.

On “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” the trio digs deeper into its soulful influences, brilliantly bringing back to life the classic sounds of Chicago, Memphis and Muscle Shoals, all rolled into one timeless record of American rock music for a new generation.

Handsome Jack is Jamison Passuite (guitar/vocals), Joey Verdonselli (bass/vocals), and Bennie Hayes (drums/vocals).


In the world of writing about popular music, comparisons are often helpful tools, but just as often completely useless. Is it helpful to mention that American band Handsome Jack, apparently from Lockport, New York, sound like what you’d get if you put Audience’s Howard Werth, Siren’s Kevin Coyne or even Mungo Jerry’s Ray Dorset in front of Humble Pie circa their 1973 ode “Eat It?” Hell no! But this record is probably more fun than the first Black Crowes record—which from an influence/aesthetics standpoint, it oddly evokes—and were it to bear a Harvest Records imprint and a 1970 copyright date, no one would bat an eye. Which must mean it’s really good. – Dave DiMartino / ROLLING STONE

With scuttling drums, Nico-ish backing vocals and the c*cksure twang of lead man Jamison Passuite, Handsome Jack are so cool it hurts. – Henry Yates / CLASSIC ROCK

When rock and roll sounds this good why change anything. – TERRASCOPES RUMBLE 

“Between The Lines” is the most obvious example of the Stax influence : its major key guitar and bass groove is straight out of Memphis. But it’s “You And Me”‘s three-note guitar solo that best captures the band’s ethos : keep it simple, keep it raw, make it groove. – Stephen Lawson / The BLUES