JOHN LAWRENCE, a founding member of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, follows four critically acclaimed solo albums with his latest release, Narcissus Paradox, out 31st May. 

Cohesive in its timelessness, John’s music seamlessly blends classic rock, folk, blues, funk and jazz whilst somehow keeping its feet firmly on the ground.

A multi-instrumentalist, recording alone in his studio in the remote mountains of Snowdonia, John has a unique approach to orchestrating the sound of a full band. Inspired by the fabulous dark sky views of the heavens above the rugged landscape, attuned to the magic of existence, John’s vision translates into incredibly beautiful, boundary transcending music.

A natural evolution of John’s single-handed big band song-writing and production, Narcissus Paradox melds his eclectic style into a beautifully fluent album. Both powerful and fragile, it explores the complexity and progression of a rekindled relationship.   Written and recorded as the story unfolded, the songs uncover a fine line between love and obsession, co-dependency and the damage caused by dishonesty and cognitive dissonance.  Narcissus Paradox occupies a space of rare musical and lyrical honesty, an astonishingly intense and authentic expression of the universe sending what we need rather than what we desire.

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