Kirk Brandon

KIRK BRANDON – aKoustik 2017

Kirk Brandon is the voice of Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate and Dead Men Walking. With over 15 studio albums and countless single releases, his career now spans well over 30 years. He has enjoyed worldwide success with all three of the above bands and is also a leader in every punk rock poll by being the singer and songwriter in The Pack.

Over the last 9 years, Kirk has released five solo acoustic studio albums (the “Dutch Masters” series) that have pulled tracks from all era’s of his career, these albums have also featured many of the people Kirk has worked with and collaborated with over the years including Derek Forbes (Simple Minds), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Mike Peters (The Alarm) & Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets).

The latest of these solo acoustic albums entitled “Dutch Masters Volume Five” has become, in it’s first year of release, the best seller in the series.

“DM5” features two outstanding Theatre of Hate interpretations, a James Bond theme and a Country and Western cover of a Ry Cooder tune !!!

As in 2016, 2017 will see Kirk joined by master cello player Sam Sansbury both in the studio and at live shows. This year has already seen shows take place in Australia and Crewe! In August and September a full UK Tour takes place with a very special trip to the Ukraine thrown in for good measure! Expect some very special shows that will feature all the hits and misses!!! including  ‘Never Take Me Alive’, ‘Do You Believe In The Westworld?’, ‘Worldservice’, ‘ So In Love With You’, ‘Young Men’, ‘Original Sin’.


Kirk Brandon with Sam Sansbury (Cello)

Akoustic Live 2017

23rd August SHEFFIELD Greystones

24th August LEICESTER Duffys Bar

25th August  EAST KILBRIDE Village Inn

26th August BATHGATE Dreadnought

27th August NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYNE The Rigger

28th August LONDON The Islington

31st August WINCHESTER Railway Live

1st September YORK Black Rose Ball

2nd September THORNTON Little Theatre

3rd September BRISTOL Thunderbolt



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The BBC’s Jeremy Vine says “@kirkbrandon is one of our greatest musical geniuses” “Brandon’s vocal is fuller, it is more powerful, it is more tuneful. But what impresses me more is his total clarity; not only vocally but his overall performance – he lives, breathes, screams, shakes these songs out of his body. At times he appears to be in the throws of an exorcism, bent double and shuddering rhythmically”


Vive le Rock! Magazine said “Kirk Brandon is one of the UK’s most underrated songwriters”.


Mojo wrote: “Kirk Brandon is one of the UK’s best kept secrets”.



Glasgow Live Review 2015

Kirk Brandon: After the superb support acts that had just enriched our ears the atmosphere in the room had built up into a feeling of excitement and anticipation as we awaited the presence of the incredibly talented Kirk Brandon. We could feel the enthusiasm and could tell the crowd was made up of true followers to the man himself. We spotted the bass Guitarist from Simple Minds (Derek Forbes) who is the current bass guitarist of Big Country among the crowd and it felt really great to be in such an intimate environment with such inspirational people. Kirk Brandon made an absolute powerhouse of an entrance onto the stage as he run in through the crowd and bombed himself straight into his opening song belting out power driven cords on his acoustic guitar that looked like it had been steeped in delta swamp blues which had a real touch of magic. What a sound! And the crowd roared and cheered with praise as this lyrical guru poured his heart out. Kirk strummed out acoustic songs such as “Sex Slave” from his Spear Of Destiny Theatre Of Hate days “Never take me alive” and the stunning “so in love with you” Which absolutely moved me. Kirks finger picking skills was just out of this world and he had the crowd hanging on every cord he played. There was plenty of lively banter between Kirk and the people and it felt so special to be in such an intimate environment with him creating such special vibrations. Kirk took a short interval and quickly preceded the rest of his powerful set belting out more Spear Of Destiny songs that we all love and sung along to. Toying with us as he finger picked and twisted and weaved his chords out building us up and leaving us hanging on a high with his incredible singing voice going octaves higher each time! To blow the crown through the roof! What a performance and an exceptional night that was created and embraced by all who attended. Kirk Brandon shall be playing later this year at k*** t*** along with his Spear Of Destiny band so we shall keep you all informed of dates when the time is announced! It’s a Must see and experience opportunity!


Miff Morris

GoboPhotography Glasgow / New Hellfire Club



Kirk Brandon ‘Skyfall’ from Dutch Masters Volume Five



Kirk Brandon’Do You Believe In The Westworld?’ with 

Sam Sansbury