Brooklyn’s MONOGRAMS releases a new EP today: ‘Floors And Ceilings’. 

Signed to US imprint PaperCup Music and repurposing the faded sounds 1980s lo-fi, experimentalism of the 90′s and the gleaming remnants of Brooklyn dream-pop, both Monograms’ Floors and Ceilings singles to date “Speak and Spell” and “For Safety” were recently coined by Stereogum as ‘A hazy corroded take on pop… dark and catchy’. 

Monograms constructs a palette of post-apocalyptic soundscapes and warped atmospherics into his distinct ‘Nuke Wave’ sound, which is perfectly encapsulated on the new 7-track EP, ‘Floors And Ceilings. Each track is a fine case point, written aptly around the time of the Capitol riots in Washington DC earlier this year and beyond, with a look into the light at the end of the tunnel as the world started to return with some glimpses of a hopeful future… Monograms has funnelled the doomsday-like scenes, twitching unrest and hopeful new future derived from the period, into his latest work.

Speaking about writing the ‘Floors And Ceilings’ EP, Monograms says:

“I wrote and recorded each song from this EP and my last full length album in isolation at my home studio, in real time. Writing everything shaped up to be almost diary-like, watching and writing stuff as it was happening in real time. Last year’s LP”Only A Ceiling Can Stay Inside Forever” was a really cool exercise made in isolation, cocooned in on my own. But as the calendar turned to 2021, I had some additional sonic thoughts in the wake of it.  A lot of it includes this new chapter that has a glimpse of a hopeful, yet ironic and strange future with all these odd new normals. But as many silver linings as I slap on it, you’d have to be a world champion optimist to ignore that it’s been a pretty dark world out there recently. A lifetime’s worth of issues slingshot to earth in a single year. Pandemics, insurrection, the reality of social injustice, and on and on. The last calendar year has been just such a strange, surreal ride for everyone even as things open back up.  Even as things turn to a bit of a brighter new era, I can’t help but notice that the world, or at least my world, feels pretty damn different than the last time I inhabited it.  Things won’t be that same for a while, the once distant future is still pretty fuzzy but comparatively I’m ok with this bottled optimism for now.”

The EP features a clutch of new material including the shimmering corrosive groove of opening track “For Safety”, the psychedelic americana textures of “Overflowing” and the danceable darkwave of “Speak and Spell”, alongside a smattering of remixes by a host of collaborators including Hiko Men, Dante Fiero and Hexadiode.  Monograms expands talking about the three new remixes on the EP:

“I wanted to collaborate with some other musicians after all this time, and the idea of doing some remixes had been abound, I also thought that maybe this would be a cool way to execute that concept from a distance. The outcome of each track was so far beyond my expectations, every time one got sent over they kinda blew me away with what they did with the tracks. Each one of the producers and musicians are also friends and really so incredibly talented, the timing of working with them on it was really needed for me. Especially after all the solo work and isolation, with no shows and just really missing that connectivity thing that is such a huge part of playing music or performing, for me it came at just the right time -and was a perfectly timed reminder of just how awesome and talented my friends and the outside world is.”

‘Floors & Ceilings’ also features a maverick re-interpretation of Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer”, with Monograms transforming its summery sunshine-gilded hooks into something more suited to the darkened shadows of a nuclear winter.

As with his full-length album of last year ‘Only A Ceiling Can Stay Inside Forever’, the original material of the new EP was entirely written, recorded and produced entirely by Monograms at his home studio in Brooklyn and will be available everywhere on 18th June 2021.

Monograms is the alias of NYC-based solo artist Ian Jacobs. Repurposing the faded sounds of 1980s lo-fi and the broken remnants of Brooklyn dream-pop; Monograms constructs a palette of post-apocalyptic soundscapes and warped atmospherics into his distinct ‘Nuke Wave’ sound. Since the project’s conception, Monograms has supported Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ezra Furman, Sunflower Bean, Man or Astro-Man?, A Place To Bury Strangers, Juan Waters, Girl Band and more. That trajectory coupled with U.S. tours and a solid array of streams and words from valued outlets such as Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, the 405, Culture Collide, Alt Citizen, Earmilk and Adhoc has also led Monograms’ music to be used in film and television (Shameless, SXSW Film Festival and more).

The music of Monograms communicates a number of different notes with velocity, from post-punk to gritty pop and electronica, all within a clear postmodern approach. These angles often point Monograms’ sonic coding at other genre-defying artists from the heyday of college radio. Monograms is Brooklyn’s Nuke Wave.


“Dark synthwave enhanced by menacing harmonies”- STEREOGUM

New York’s post-punk Monograms do what’s called “nuke wave”; accurate given the apocalyptic darkwave vibes found here”. - BROOKLYN VEGAN

a thrilling collision of Brooklyn dream-pop with crushing post-apocalyptic post-punk” - GOD IS IN THE TV