SCREENTALK have emerged with their debut single ‘Mountain Soda’, out today (1st June).

Electric, and engaging, the new track is a true standout – mixing impactful lyrics with the group’s eclectic alt-rock sound that makes for thrilling results. 

SCREENTALK are Liverpool’s latest indie darlings. Made up of  Sean Currie (Lead Vocals), Stuart Mcnaughton (Keys/Synth), Sam Varney (Guitar), Gianpaolo Carnevali (Bass) and Dan Moore (Drums), they group formed as a a result of a pre-season friendly match between Liverpool FC and Bradford City FC in 2019. During pre-match beers, Sam’s work colleague turned to Sam and Dan and asked “Haven’t you boys started a new band yet?”. All three said nothing, and each foresaw the potential for a new project. A month later, the three began rehearsing in Vulcan Studios in Liverpool.

With the rest of the band recruited shortly after, the five-piece soon started to experiment with their sound. Influenced by giants such as Radiohead, White Lies, The Killers, the music of the band quickly emerged as a melding- packed with the thrashing drums and electrics found in classic rock, with new-wave synths and Currie’s mesmerizing vocals woven within. It’s a sound that is truly distinctive, and has put a marker on the band as ones to watch.

Now, the group has offered up ‘Mountain Soda’, their new single. The song was produced by Kurran Karbal (Munkey Junkey and guitarist for ZUZU) at his recording studio in Birkenhead, Wirral. Recording was scheduled to take place in March 2020 after Sam and Kurran had met in February 2020, but like many other bands, proceedings were ground to a halt by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Much of the pre-production for the song was done over zoom during the worst peaks of COVID cases in 2020. During this time, the band would send their latest demo versions of the song to Karbal via email, who would make tweaks and send the demos back their way for them to improve the arrangements of the song, which proved to be an integral part of the process.

As a result of the group’s tireless work on the track throughout the pandemic, the track carries a certain sense of determination that’s hard to capture. Driven by an irresistible bassline with thundering electrics and synth melodies are littered within, Currie sings emotional surrounding loss and betrayal overtop, making for a track that the single packs a punch, both lyrically and sonically, from the very first listen.

The song is about the realisation that a bond has been broken and won’t ever be fixed,” says Currie. “Something that I always struggled with was worrying about what other people thought; the line in the chorus ‘life was laughing around me‘ is a reference to that. You see people posting their perfect lives on social media and once this tough period in my life came about I didn’t have the emotional tools to deal with it. It’s something that I’ve gotten over in recent years. Knowing that everyone has struggles and there’s always someone who has felt the same way.”

The track is released everywhere today (1st June), a date that will be remembered as a pivotal step in their journey. With a sound that demands to be heard, and a work ethic that won’t quit, Screentalk is ready to take the music scene by storm, inviting all to come along for the ride.

Sean Currie (Lead Vocals), Stuart Mcnaughton (Keys/Synth), Sam Varney(Guitar), Gianpaolo Carnevali (Bass) and Dan Moore (Drums).