‘Inner Space / Outer Space’ Remix Album 

(Louder Than War Records) 03/12/2016


NME ’an extraordinary comeback’

The Quietus ’one of the albums of the year’


‘Inner Space/Outer Space’ features remixes of whole of the Dark Matter/Dark Energy album by Mark Lanegan, Killing Joke,Clint MansellManic Street PreachersThe Pop Group,Einsturzende NeubautenTherapy, Cosey FanniKeith LeveneReverend And The MakersGodflesh and many others that stretch the songs into new shapes which the band loved as they never play the same song in the same way themselves.


1. Manic Street Preachers ‘The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light’

2. Mark Lanegan ‘ Dark Energy’

3. Clint Mansell ‘The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light’

4. Godflesh ‘21st Century Man’

5. Keith Levene ‘Dark Matter’

6. Reverend And The Makers ‘Space Junk dub’

7. Phillip Boa ‘Do The Supernova’

8. Mark Stewart (the Pop Group) Space Junk

9. Youth (Killing Joke) Hail To The Lovers

10. Carter Tutti ‘In The Graveyard’

10. Therapy ‘Hail To The Lovers’

11. Die Fliedermaus ‘The Breathing Song’

12. Therapy ‘Hail To The Lovers’

13. Tunnelmental ‘Money Is Dust’

14. In The Nursey ‘5776 (The breathing Song)’

15. Inca Babies ‘In The Graveyard’

16. Barfak ‘Magic Eye (To See The Sky)’

17. Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten) ‘Hum Of The Universe’


After a 26 year break the Membranes reformed after being asked to play ATP by former support band My Bloody Valentine and then returned to release their acclaimed ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ double album which had amazing reviews across Europe most of them are here


The album is about the universe and death and was a diverse work that ranged from dislocated post punk to drone rock to neo classical to dark dub and cranked agit funk. Many websites and magazines called it one of the albums of the year and so have many musicians.So many musicians that the band decided to ask some of them to remix a track each and a remix of the whole double album has been done.


It’s been a great year for the band with well received festival appearances at Glastonbury, Green Man, Sea Change, Beautiful Days, Rebellion, Rockaway beach, Bluedot and Universe Explained festivals in the UK and in Europe where tours have seen then band welcomed across the continent.


The Membranes played an acclaimed gig in Estonia with a 30 piece choir which got a 2 page review in Mojo and have done more choir gigs in Portugal, London and manchester where they performed with their own film about the Universe. The choir weave in traditional fold songs and drone melodies written by the band into the groups songs to create a unique combination and atmosphere which the band will take on the road for a unique theatre tour next year. they will also complete their Universe Explained film and will release their new album in the autumn.