TWINSTOWN are back with the incendiary new single: “Welcome To My World”. 

Welcome To My World” is the hotly anticipated follow-up single to 2021’s warmly received “Dive In”, their debut on Whanga Records. Displaying a darker side to their heart-on-sleeve songwriting, the track delves into the kindred minds of TwinsTown’s leading lights: Donald and Stuart Mackay.

A track of classically-styled indie for the ages that recalls the likes of Orange Juice to Suede to The Libertines, the band invite the listener into their world with this infectious new cut. Through verses laced with shadowy undertones to a chorus brimming with a melodic, euphoric and soaring hook, its bittersweet juxtapositions are guaranteed to ensnare.

A sublime second helping from a band who are the definition of double trouble, TwinsTown are a Scottish indie-rock sextet as fronted by The Mackay brothers AKA identical twins Donald and Stuart Mackay. Perhaps best known from their previous projects Wingnuts and Wölves, the brothers have already earned their rock’n’roll stripes, performing legendary shows from the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow to the gig haunts of Amsterdam. Alongside the brothers, the band features Harry Dixon on bass duties, Mark Guyan on the keys and Wayne Robertson on the drums, the band have also recently enlisted virtuoso guitarist cousin Rodaidh Mackay AKA “The Weapon”, previously a founder to Aberdeen based band FaR. This indeed is turning out to be a TwinsTown’s secret weapon, with “Dive In” receiving great press and airtime, both locally and worldwide, and being championed, most notably, by Mickey Bradley of the Undertones on his weekly radio show, aired on BBC Ulster every Friday.

With an illuminating chemistry and a clutch of songs already nailed down, Twinstown are now releasing what will be the second single from their upcoming debut album: ‘Brankholm Brae’, which has been recorded at Tpot Studios in Perthshire with producer Robin Evans (who recorded The View’s critically acclaimed debut, “Hats off to the Buskers”).

A band with guitar bangers on tap and an infectious energy impossible to contain, TwinsTown will release new single “Welcome To My World” on the legendary and fast booming Whanga Records in September 2021.