After the release of his critically acclaimed record Dungeon Master this past Spring, Gus Englehorn is embarking on the second leg of his tour in support of his album in Europe.

Englehorn will perform at many festivals including Reeperbanh in Germany, MaMaand Rockomotives in France, Left of Dial, Hit the City and London Calling in the Netherlands as well as playing in key cities in the UK. Full routing is below. Tickets are on sale now.

Englehorn also shares today a brand-new video for the track “Sunset Strip“, a favourite gem by many on the album. “I had never even been to the Sunset Strip when I wrote this song so it’s really just a little story I dreamt up of one person’s terrible night spent on the Sunset Strip: being kicked out of parties, bloody noses, falling down stairs, social anxiety, almost being hit by a bus,” says Gus.

About the video,  he adds: “When we made the video, Montreal was locked down and we couldn’t find any spaces to rent so we ended up covering our apartment with trash bags and used whatever we had at hand for props such as our Honda Civic’s spare tires.” 

Dungeon Master, Englehorn’s Secret City Records debut, is an outsider opus that sparkles with Dada spirit — a playful juxtaposition of isolation, alienation and mildish OCD. Surprising, paranoid, and studded with synths and strings, Dungeon Master is deeper than a cellar and blunter than a club — a shivering introduction to an artist who’s finally arrived. “I let my subconscious do the driving,” Gus admits, and as you listen to these 10 tunes, it’s difficult not to do the same: to sit back like a dog with a two-legged daydream; like a fisherwoman with her net; like a snowboarder with a mouth full of powder.

Despite a career as a professional snowboarder, for almost all of Gus’s life — from Big Island’s sunsets to snowy Utah pistes — he dreamed of being a songwriter. If he couldn’t be Dylan, maybe he’d be Daniel Johnston, or Frank Black and The Pixies, or maybe Darby Crash and The Germs. And when he finally emerged — first on 2020’sDeath & Transfiguration and now here on the 34-year-old’s Secret City Records label debut — he had found a sound that was dark and delightful, fun and demented, packed with dynamics and the chug of a hysterical guitar.


15 – Leeds, UK @ Live at Leeds Festival
16 – Bristol, UK @ The Crofters Rights
17 – Brighton, UK @ The Hope and Ruin
18 – London, UK @ Shacklewell Arms

Tickets available now.


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“This is hitting in a weird way” – The Needle Drop/Anthony Fantano (USA)

“Englehorn’s latest record is a fascinating dose of outsider indie rock, carried by Englehorn’s yelping vocals, gleefully offbeat songwriting, and darting melodies.” – Under the Radar (USA)

“Intriguing, off-kilter vocal delivery and melodic sound reminiscent of ’90s indie rock and ’80s post punk.” – Exclaim! (Canada)

“The unpredictable, paranoid, string and synth-laced Dungeon Master is […] a love letter to garage rock where everything seems effortless, and where wonderful vocals […] meet nervy riffs.” ★★★ ½ – Rolling Stone France

“Like the Tarantula that Englehorn sings about in one of the album’s singles with a falsetto that makes it less threatening but all the stranger, this spider of an album is destined to hang from the ceiling.” ★★★★ – Magic Magazine (France)

“An oddball bowled out of time draws on the mythic treasures of rock’n’roll…this rock’n’roll is blunt, touching and full of stubbornness. It’s as if the ghosts of Daniel Johnston and Roky Erickson have arranged to perform on stage.” 4.5/6 – Musikexpress (Germany)

“Canadian songwriter Gus Englehorn sings about death and the devil with abysmal wit. If you like Daniel Johnston, the Pixies or the Eels, you should definitely give “Dungeon Master” a listen.” – DIFFUS Magazin (Germany)

“This is Lord Chaos’s maze in sound, hardly anyone has transposed the years of plague, isolation and loneliness as frighteningly well as Englehorn. “It’s like heaven, just like heaven to me” he sings at the end of “The Flea”. If this is what heaven looks like … One of the most intense albums of the year.” – Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (Albums of the week) (Germany)

“When noisy chaos (“Run Rabbit Run”) and constant changes of mood (“Oh Well Unwell”, “Terrible Horse”) come together and form an edgy and sometimes sweetly rugged unity, then Gus Englehorn is making music at the highest level….If you want to get out of the usual templates and prefabricated constructs for a moment, you’ll get your money’s worth with Englehorn’s second studio album in your ears.” – (Germany)

“I’m addicted to this record already, I just want to live in Gus’s world.” – Limited Addition Records UK

“His snowboarding style was unconventional, and so is his music. Gus Englehorn’s version of rock is a strange, chaotic soundscape of strings and synths. Estée compares his songwriting to Dadaism because of its subversive nature, which conveys a feeling of freedom that anyone can access.” – La Presse (Canada)

★★★ 1/2 “A sophomore album featuring offbeat rock and a flamboyant punk spirit.” – Le Soleil (Canada)

★★★★ « 10 tracks’ worth of scathing, wildly inventive throwback alternative rock […]” – (Canada)