John Bramwell




Slightly chaotic, utterly compelling, quite beautiful and frequently hilarious


 I Am Kloot’s singer songwriter returns to the stage this autumn/winter for his first ever European solo tour armed with his first new set of songs since the band’s UK top ten album, Let It All In.


In 2014 the Mercury Music Prize-nominated songwriter sporadically turned up at venues in “Any town, anywhere” throughout the UK from February through to December, playing a different set every night and trying out stripped down versions of his 100 or so previously released songs. After 50 or so performances of varying length, spontaneity and cohesiveness, and armed with a new found confidence in his storytelling abilities, he returned to his new home in Crewe, put the finishing touches to his studio (AKA a garage), and set about recording new songs for his debut EP, Leave Alone The Empty Spaces.


With these recordings ready for release to coincide with the tour and a bag of classic songs and great stories packed and ready, Bramwell brings poetry, great guitar playing, a beautiful unique voice, and a little chaos to a town near you.


BURY. Bury Metro Arts Centre. Friday 26th Feb


WINCHESTER. The Railway Inn 31st march


ASHCROFT ARTS CENTRE. Hampshire. Friday 1st April


DARWEN LIBRARY Friday 13th May


SALTBURN-BY-THE-SEA. Saltburn Spa Hotel. Saturday 21st May