Today, LARKHALL releases a new collaborative album: And You Were: Say You’re With Me Reworked’.


Compiling ten creative reinterpretations of songs from Larkhall’s 2022 album ‘Say You’re With Me’, this latest collection features reworks from a stellar cast of fellow artists including Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres, James Yuill, Ani Glass, Echo Juliet, Neil Gay, Jim Cornick, Josh Semans, Harriet Riley, and more.

Featuring the previously released reworks by Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres (“Vincennes”), James Yuill (“Eleven Japanese Streams”), Ani Glass’s (“Cascade”) and Jim Cornick (“On The Morning of the Second Day”), the album also features the sublime focus track “Uncertain Times”, as reworked by Simeon Walker.

Unveiled today, Simeon Walker’s take on “Uncertain Times” is understandably all about the piano. As an esteemed pianist in his field and the founder and host of Brudenell Piano Sessions, his beautiful rework strips back the loops and electronic layers of the original, to home-in on the elegant piano motif that beats softly at the heart of the song. Speaking about how the collaboration came about, Larkhall explains:

“Simeon is wonderful to experience on stage (and just as much of a joy in person) so he was someone I thought of straight away when I started imagining who might rework this track… Simeon’s track stretches and smooths the groove of the original, turning it into a relaxing whispered echo of the original. It’s airy and introspective and I love it.”

“Uncertain Times” is the only song from “Say You’re With Me” to be reworked by two artists. Partnered with a radically different rework by Echo Juliet, the two tracks are intended to provide a “hinge” moment that reflects the opposing sides of the new rework album.

“I’m a big fan of “rework culture” and this highlights what’s great about it: different artists working with the same material to put their own individual stamp on it.” says Larkhall. “The two reworks of this track serve as a ‘hinge’ in the album: the more uptempo, electronic tracks are Side A, ending with Echo Juliet’s rework of Uncertain Times. Then Side B, containing the quieter, more introspective tracks, begins with Simeon’s take on the same piece.”

An album that sparkles with the idiosyncratic stylings of its individual co-creators, while retaining all of the electronic and postclassical elegance of the original, Larkhall’s ‘And You Were: Say You’re With Me Reworked’ is streaming everywhere now.
The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Eleven Japanese Streams (James Yuill Rework)
  2. Cascade (Ani Glass Rework)
  3. On The Morning of the Second Day (Jim Cornick Rework)
  4. In My Mind Are All The Tides (Josh Semans Rework)
  5. Time of Flight (Neil Gay Rework)
  6. Uncertain Times (Echo Juliet Rework)
  7. Uncertain Times (Simeon Walker Rework)
  8. Before We Knew (Harriet Riley Rework)
  9. Between Light and Leaves (Emma Hooper Rework)
  10. Vincennes (Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres Rework)


Larkhall is the performance alias of Charlie Williams, a composer, pianist, and creative coder who combines piano, visual art, and technology to create moving, cinematic performances. His AI system ‘Otto’ creates visuals that unfold in time with the structure of each composition, reacting in real time to the individual nuance of each performance, resulting in a unique and immersive experience. Williams largely taught himself to play the piano and went on to win the prize for new music performance at the International Shostakovich Piano Competition. He also worked as a software developer for tech startups including Shazam, where he built an audio-reactive “listening” animation.

His 2019 album, ‘The Sea Was Never Blue’, hit #2 on the UK iTunes Classical Chart and introduced his signature style of musically-reactive visuals. The 2022 followup, ‘Say You’re With Me’, earned him praise as “A new exciting voice on the contemporary scene” by Hannah MacInnes of Times Radio and “Absolutely lovely” by Scala Radio.

In 2023, he is set to release an album of reworks from ‘And You Were: Say You’re With Me Reworked’, extracts of which have already received praise from BBC Introducing, Archodia, Black Cat Radio, Drivelcast, and LiveWire Music, with the rework of Vincennes featured on the official Piano Day playlist. Touring in support of the release, Larkhall performed two special Piano Day Celebration shows alongside Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres and Simeon Walker. Standby for further live dates in due course.

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