To mark this Halloween, LE CYGNE NOIR has released a special seasonal new EP entitled: ‘Death & Consequences’ (out now, via Anger Management Records). 

A harrowing set of songs all about serial killers, the ‘Death & Consequences’ EP, was written in 2020 during the dark days of lockdown. Finding himself possessed by supernatural forces during that most perverse of periods, Le Cygne Noir was drawn into murky mindsets of some of the world’s most notorious criminals. As he remembers:

“I was writing at the piano and kept feeling a tap on the back, I was initially scared to death, I could feel a strange dark force feeding me words which I wrote down’ and decided to embrace it and use it. It was all I had. Sometimes inspiration can come from a strange place, and this was quite intense to say the least.”

Haunted in turn by a series of deceased mass murderers past, Le Cygne Noir was visited by five spectres who each infiltrated his mind and seeded their inner-most thoughts into the music he was writing. When at last released from their shadowy grip, he found before him four songs of murder, deception, hate and fear, that tell the horrific stories of Ted BundyPeter SutcliffeDennis Nilsen and Richard Ramirez.

“The words we ‘given to me’. I don’t even feel like I wrote them for any of these songs!” Le Cygne Noir confirms. “However I will be claiming 100% publishing rights so f**k you Ted Bundy! After I got used to being poked around, I decided to invite this ‘force in’ and quite frankly I had a blast hanging out with the most evil people ever imaginable. They seemed quite happy to have their say…”

Initially consigned to the vaults never to be released, in 2022 Le Cygne Noir has decided it’s finally time to exorcise his demons. Seeing the light of day well over two years after their conception, they will appear as the ‘Death & Consequences’ EP this Halloween.

Enlisting a terrifying amount of talent to bring these creations to life, Le Cygne Noir is joined for his latest release by an array of special guest players including Neil Taylor (Tears for Fears/Morrissey), Alex Veale(Tax The Heat), the amazing vocalist Jo NyeCharlie Jones (The Cult/Goldfrapp), Mikey Sorbello (The Graveltones/La Roux), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy/Gary Numan/The Wonderstuff), Danielle Gulino (Roxy Music), Samson Jatto (Maverick Sabre), Alan Wilson (The Sharks), and saxophonist Dave Colbourne. Recorded at BR Studios, the EP was mixed/produced by Le Cygne Noir.

Steel yourself and take a step into an extraordinary melting pot where Donna Summer meets Ted Bundy under a bloodstained mirrorball… A death disco indeed. A release that’s guaranteed to chill and thrill in equal parts, the ‘Death & Consequences’ EP is streaming everywhere now, via Anger Management Records. Listen to all five tracks here: http://hyperurl.co/g9fl4u Happy Halloween…

1. Burn Bundy Burn
2. Under the Floorboards
3. Tino Talking ( Interlude )
4. Dancing on Your Own
5. Killing Time

* * * * *

Though little is known about the identity of Le Cygne Noir, in 2019 the enigmatic songwriter stepped-up to the spotlight with his acclaimed debut album ‘Shadow of a Wrecking Ball’, an album about global contagion and the end of the world way before it became the new normal. This followed up with ‘Last Day of my life EP’ in January 2020, ‘Time Like This’, an 8 minute epic single in Summer of 2021 and ‘Last Christmas’ In December 2021.

Reappearing in summer 2022, he presented three never before released tracks recorded around the same time as the EP, that didn’t quite fit the “Death and Consequences” briefing. These included an energising rework of the 1984 Thompson Twins classic “Doctor! Doctor!”,  which featured guest vocalists Julianne Regan (All About Eve) and Ashton Nyte (The Awakening). Plus two unheard songs (“Andrew”, “Skylights”)

Enrapturing listeners with songs of an epic scale and bombast, Le Cygne Noir’s music has been praised by CLASSIC POP as a “preposterously entertaining”, whereas LOUDER THAN WAR have championed his work as “synth laden rock opera that leans between Muse and War of The Worlds”.

With a palette that covers the cerebral to the cinematic, the bombastic to the brilliant, Le Cygne Noir continues his prolific recent form with a haunting new work ‘Death & Consequences’ – out now.




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