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Welsh Singer-songwriter – TOM JENKINS – is pleased to share the second part of his latest album ‘Meadow Part 2’. Released on 12th April 2024 via Xtra Mile Recordings, it is preceded by the lead single “Blame It”, which is available to hear now.


After two full-band, full-production albums, late last year Tom Jenkins returned out of the blue with the surprise release ‘Meadow Part 1’. A record that found the Welsh artist stripping things right back to their roots to let his earnest, thoughtful songwriting shine; its swift follow-up ‘Meadow Part 2’ continues proceedings with a second suite of intimate acoustic tracks to stir the soul.

A passionate rock songwriter by night, Jenkins is also a proud sheep farmer by day, and his latest release traces the traditions of this ancient agricultural practice and its place in Welsh folklore and family. As Tom explains:

Wales has a tradition of Shepherd poets and I wanted to capture that sentiment of being a Welsh shepherd myself… Whilst Meadow Pt.2 is an extremely personal and heavy piece of work in parts, it comes to a relief to myself and the listeners that it’s broken up by moments of uplifting songs like “Runaway Now”, “Blame It” and “Back Roads (Country)” to lift the spirits.”

Amongst its many highlights, the opening track “A Letter From The Hill” and its lyrical sister “Stay And Work On The Land” delve into Jenkins’ personal experiences of the profound loneliness that can often come part and parcel with dedicating long periods of the year to a life with a flock and herd.

“I wrote [“A Later From The Hill”] overlooking the old oak tree where my family’s ashes are laid to rest and reflecting on my time on the land. This theme carries into “Stay And Work The Land” as I honour those who worked this land before me and portray the struggles that all family farms face in this current climate” explains Tom.

A recurring theme of family values also continues into the emotive centre-piece: “The Cruel Passing Of Time”, which features guest vocals from the critically acclaimed folk singer Katherine Priddy. A beautiful duet, if an uneasy listen, it’s a song that stems from a period in which Jenkins’ mother became unwell last year and the hard truths that can fall when your world gets turned upside down.

“[It’s about] the sobering feeling, how we sometimes obliviously breeze through life, like nothing will change to only look up one day and see how time has eroded on ourselves and our loved ones and that time is precious and short” he adds.

Said to be heavily influenced by listening to modern American country artists like Ryan Bingham, Colter Wall and Charley Crockett, its fresh, authentic, and deeply British lyrical themes also nod to the raconteur-like folk tales that unite UK folk talents like John Martyn to Ben Howard.

Two halves of the same coin, ‘Meadow Part 2’ completes what stands as Tom Jenkins’ third studio album, and it arrives in full on 12 April 2024, via Xtra Mile Recordings. The new album follows last year’s acclaimed ‘It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky’, which featured contributions from a range of special guests including Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Marc Ford (The Black Crowes), Elijah Ford (Gary Clark Jr) and Paul Mullen(YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO, The Automatic). Jenkins’ 2022 LP also attracted praise from the likes of The Rodeo, Buzz Magazine and Americana UK, and also landed Tom a spot as Huw Stephens’ ‘Artist of the Week’.

Citing his influences as an amalgam of classic artists like Jeff Buckley, Bruce Springsteen and Silverchair, along with more modern frontrunners including Phoebe Bridgers, Big Thief and Band Of Horses, Tom Jenkins has been making his own innovative brand of indie-folk since 2016.

Hailing from the high country of the South Wales Valleys, surrounded by the ex-coal mining communities and rugged landscapes, Tom works on a sheep farm where he gains inspiration for his songwriting and recording.

With support shows with Cardinal Black coming up this month, standby for more live dates from Tom Jenkins in the coming months…


24/04 – Southampton / Engine Rooms
25/04 – Milton Keynes / The Craufurd Arms
26/04 – Chester / Live Rooms





1. A Letter From The Hill

2. Blame It

3. Runaway Now

4. The Cruel Passing Of Time

5. Back Roads

6. Stay And Work The Land


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