Touching on themes including beauty and heartbreak, love and salvation, ‘Late Night Calls’ spins absorbing narratives as it traverses genres, and exemplifies Blue Violet’s expert abilities for crafting intricate songs and subtly-experimental sounds.

Ahead of the forthcoming release Sam and Sarah Gotley explain:

“All in all, the thing we enjoyed most while recording the album was the opportunity to be experimental with sound on top of the structures we had already put in place during the writing and pre-prod processes. We got very lucky to find a like-minded team of people to work with and a beautiful location to match. Coming off the back of a good couple of years in our previous band Broken Bones Matilda, we had no idea that our goals and choice of music we wanted to make would change, but it feels like this album is the start of something long and fruitful and that we’ve found out who we are and what we want to sa